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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Blessing in disguise?

I once had a client who worked at Los Alamos, Dr. Wolf, an esteemed scientist and purportedly the world's leading expert on the mosquito. I asked him if there were any known benefits of having mosquitos in the environment?

He said, "Of course. Without mosquitos and the malaria they produce, huge swaths of the Amazon and Africa would be overdeveloped by humans. Mosquitos keep humans out of pristine areas. Not having them in the ecosystem would create all sorts of pollution and climactic problems for our world."

I mention this because it appears that the emergence of Coronavirus is dramatically lessening emissions and pollution in the regions where it is spreading. Read this article at the New York Times, Watch the Footprint of Coronavirus Spread Across Countries.

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shawnintland said...

Crossed my mind that Covid-19 just might be the Earth's antibodies getting switched on to deal with it's most prominent existential threat...US! Just like China with Golden Week, Thailand is coming up on Songkran, the Thai New Year, when everyone returns 'home'. Government has canceled it and all celebrations surrounding it...but will the people abide? Stay safe and healthy bro! Okay, now go wash your hands, again!