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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

More sketches of Spain

Spain has been hit very badly in this epidemic. It is one of my favorite countries.

I was only there one time but I was instantly enchanted. As was my wife. Especially Andalucia.

man behind window grate, Cordoba

I wish its people well and I hope to return one day when we have money and things settle down.

As part of my confinement travel tour I will be posting some shots here of Spain in the next couple of days.

Did you that at one time it was considered the northernmost country in Africa?

Need to go through them and see what I have got.

stairwell, Sacrada Familia
solar tower, La Mancha

palpable disapproval
Here are a few. Will try to revisit when I am done paying bills.

Sevilla porthole
Street performer and passerby.

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Martin said...

RE: 'palpable disapproval'; Great legs! And, lest I seem to be misogynistic, I believe the lady is fully aware of the fact.