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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Toothsome Overkill

I had just polished off the last tube of toothpaste and like magic, a new one appeared on the counter. My wife is on top of everything, thankfully, we always have an ample stock of provisions.

Anyway I was looking at the new tube of Himalaya and my eyes set on the words gluten free on the side.

Now thankfully,  I do not suffer from celiac disease, I have friends that do and it is a real and serious matter.

But I brush with my toothpaste, I don't eat it. I may be just showing my ignorance here, and it certainly would not be the first time, but is the reaction to gluten like an allergy where a trace amount can trigger the deleterious effects? Or do you actually have to eat the toothpaste to get in trouble?

Simply asking, I honestly don't know but it seems like overkill to me.

I see that this brand is flouride, sodium lauryl sulfate and carrageenan free as well. The latter is on the edge of being a toxic substance, the emulsifier has been tied to irritable bowel syndrome. But without ingesting the stuff, is it still a danger?

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a detergent, they technically call it a surfactant, a substance that lowers surface tension between various ingredients. Tests show that while it may be an irritant in rare cases, it is not carcinogenic.

Flouride prevents cavities through demineralization and slows enamel breakdown. Flouride was not always present in the United Kingdom's water supply.

Ever see a nice set of British teeth? Here is a picture of Bowie, pre dental work. Nuff said.

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