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Monday, March 30, 2020

Letter from the north.

I received this letter from a friend up north who shall remain anonymous. A lot of people I know share his palpable anger and frustration.


The swans picture is so serene, it would make a nice picture for a meditation video.
Just watched Trump talk about how they have done 1 million tests and how hospitals are stealing masks, then picking fights with CNN and NPR reporters who repeat back to him what he said a couple days earlier and he denies it.  After watching fuckface, the news went to virus hot spots hospitals that are OUT of protective materials, loading bodies in refrigerators, waiting for testing, Health care workers dropping like flies, scared out of their minds. Governors pitted against each other, please someone put him out of his misery. He bragged about doing a better job than anyone has ever done, he should be charged for murder for delaying doing anything for 4-5 weeks and sacking the pandemic department. The only positive is that it is compelling television, I am afraid to go out, I pick up Peets in the a.m., I order ahead and they put it just outside. I wear mask, gloves and glasses and wipe the cup clean before taking off my gloves.  You are right about Newsom following Inslee in Washington's lead. People up here are staying put. Be safe my friend, 

San Mateo Kid