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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Quick Utah Vacation

So if you're not partying your ass off on the beach in Florida like there's no tomorrow, and you're not an old, compromised immune system guy like me forced to stay fairly under cover, you may be thinking, wow, this would be a great time to see some scenery in Utah.

five seconds, Virgin River - Zion National Park
Don't do it. Zion Canyon gets clogged with cars as park idles shuttles; Moab says stay away. Sorry to be such a buzz kill but there's no room at the inn. Place is packed. And Colorado is an epicenter for the bug. Don't go there either.

Bryce Canyon Pano

So why not do the next best thing and let me bring some Utah to you? It will be a lot warmer this way and you will save on gas...

unnamed gooseneck - Canyonlands
ƒ14 at Goblin Valley
Venus over Monument Valley
Monument Valley pose
Cold morning at Bryce


Lake Powell panorama

Utah is definitely one of my favorite places to shoot.

Where shall we go next?


Sanoguy said...

Hawaii! Blue skies, warm, warm water, waves!

Blue Heron said...


Ken Seals said...

Beautiful! It does look a little familiar :-)