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Thursday, March 19, 2020


For what it's worth:

This is one of those unverifiable messages that I got that I submit to you with no assurances of veracity. I hope it's crap. But it could be true. Use your own best judgement. We're living in weird times.

A close friend of mine has family in the ----- region whose best friend is both a Colonel and Doctor in the National Guard.

He received orders to prepare for a national dispatch prior to a nationwide quarantine and closure for all businesses, all individual citizens to stay locked down at home for at least one week.

This will be announced after both military and guard troops are in place to curtail looting. He believes that the order may be announced before the end of the current weekend to keep people at home this Monday but that timing may in fact be premature.

Far fetched? Not really, even plausible. I sincerely hope that it is bullshit, but not a bad idea to stock up on provisions, medicine and water and have your gas tanks full in your car, just in case...

postscript, thankfully these text messages are not accurate, according to several sources. NSC says that they are being sown by foreign powers to create chaos and discord.






Scrota Voce said...

Gas tanks full to go where? To buy more TP?

Mr. Whipple

Blue Heron said...

Am I the only American that has not bought toilet paper during this microbial kerfuffle? Really not on my rectal radar... We are amply stocked and I think there are plenty of handy substitutes. Give me a fucking break with the toilet paper. I have been trapped at my ranch on two or three occasions, principally fires and floods just as I was once trapped at your home for a week in a blizzard. Remember, don't worry, it never snows on snow in Santa Fe? Nice to have enough gasoline to go somewhere if the need arises.

Ken Seals said...

Aw, there are so many who would die of starvation if that happens.

Blue Heron said...

I could use a weeklong fast, it is true...

Anonymous said...

Well I’m on Forbes 500 richest Americans. I just read I was number 401 on their list when I informed them of my 40 rolls of tp I found in barn on my return back to Alaska

Blue Heron said...

Please do not give anyone your address...