Thursday, March 26, 2020

J.H. update

I posted a coronavirus fact sheet an hour or two ago, supposedly from an infectious disease doctor at Johns Hopkins, but have since taken it down. Although all of the facts seemed helpful and accurate, I see that it has recently been on Facebook in the Philippines and need to get additional corroboration before I let it run.  Don't trust anything. It made a slightly inaccurate statement regarding protein and DNA that got me wondering about it. If it turns out to be square I will certainly repost. I apologize for not previously fact checking it. It has not shown up on SNOPES although a really bad phony Johns Hopkins letter did. This is the second time in the month that I receive something from a friend of a friend that might prove to be crap. Please do not send me things written by friends or friends of friends unless you actually know them. We shall remain vigilant.

Doug works at a hospital in New York. He recommends we watch this video from a very knowledgeable Covid - 19 Doctor there, David Price. It is long but I learned so much from it and so will you. Give it a listen. On empowering and protecting your families. Dispels many myths, will make you feel better.

Fox host says she knows people are dying but the bigger problem is that she can't get her nails done.

Obviously this Corona denier's faith wasn't strong enough. Or as Leslie said, "Hey, do you believe it yet?"

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Blue Heron said...

It was bullshit.