Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday waxing

Many of us are starting to go nuts with this homebound thing. I'm sure that it is even worse for those of you with children. After over thirty years together, both my wife and I will tell you that we don't do so well with 24/7 proximity. We now stay out of each other's way as much as possible. She went into town today for a while, I stayed home. And I managed to stay away from the refrigerator, a personal achievement. Many of us are spending way too much time both eating and on our electronic instruments, blogging, facebooking, texting, tweeting, whatever, like teenagers. I overslept this morning, then felt very blase. I decided to wash my hair with my wife's clarifying shampoo but don't think I achieved any additional understanding whatsoever. I finally threw my hands up this afternoon and decided to go take a hike down on the river. My body was rebelling from its slothful indolence, crying for movement. Felt so great to get outside, even if it was cloudy and cool. I saw a trail yesterday when I was walking and footnoted it for future travel. Went back today and found a whole new piece of river. Which I plan on going back and photographing tomorrow if the weather holds. You see, after having lived next to one for three decades, I can tell you that a river's shape and configuration basically changes with every strong rain. Every year it's a different river. I had a nice little dimestore epiphany while I was walking as well, that this global and national timeout was a perfect opportunity for us all to work on our personal "stuff." Great time to try to get your shit together so that's what I'm trying to do. Didn't see another soul. Was a big day for the blog, several thousand new visitors. Crooks and Liars picked me up on their Mike's Blog Round Up, the second time this month but this is the first time ever that I didn't submit a blogpost, they found it on their own, reading me. Imagine? I really appreciate it. I have received three comments from the anonymous angry guy that I subsequently deleted, who says that I am a fake and feels chapped that I require that he or she sign their comments. Can't please everybody, Ken is wondering if I have sufficient ammunition, I think I do. Worked out deals with both mortgage companies, have tried to be responsible. It will really help. Leslie made an interesting dinner, a Sri lankan coconut cashew chicken with broccoli and jasmine rice. She loves that sort of thing, I am okay with it it was good.Tell me, what is the weirdest thing you have found yourself eating while you have been stuck at home? I am craving cheesecake again. Must find some soon. We are totally covered except for cheesecake and I would do Sara Lee at this point if forced to. After all, these are difficult times. The world may now require another psychedelic explosion, a blowout to the psychic cobwebs. As a red blooded patriot, if called, even though it's been many years, I shall do my best to do my part. Like riding a bike...
I have been listening to a lot of Jefferson Airplane music lately. Some people think they are just an outdated sixties anachronism but I love both their music and political message which may just be coming into its own fifty years into the future. One of the more overtly political and revolutionary bands, quite courageous, really. Kantner's early lyrics painted a prescient picture of a blows against the empire acid tinged dystopia that predated the cyberpunk ethos of novelists Gibson and Sterling by a good twenty years, not to mention the current reality. Wonder what Paul would have to say about today's goings on? I bet plenty and he wouldn't be preaching that we need to get the machine back up and running, no matter what the cost in human life. The late Marty Balin got sore and left the band because he had such a high range everybody thought Grace was singing and it was often actually him and he wasn't getting enough credit, they had such beautiful harmonies together, I also love Paul's off key voice and I think I like Jorma's electric playing with the Airplane even better than his Hot Tuna stuff. Unappreciated but he had a unique string attack like nobody else. Nice and jangly. Now so many of the members have left us. Spencer, Marty, Paul, Signe, Skip, Joey, Papa John. A smart, powerful band. Maybe the world is finally ready for them. If it's okay for you to still listen to that Chopin guy I can still listen to the Airplane. Try it. You'll laugh so hard you'll crack the walls.


JeffN said...

OK, this line was classic. Robert, you have a future in standup comedy.

"I decided to wash my hair with my wife's clarifying shampoo but don't think I achieved any additional understanding whatsoever."

Anonymous said...

I always wondered what clarifying shampoo was for! Thank you my friend


Martin said...

I always avoid using 'conditioner' - Justin Case

Blue Heron said...

Maybe that's how they keep you stupid, the conditioner. Of course! Thanks, Martin.

Liz said...

Sara Lee cheesecake is what I used to crave while stoned. I'm fact,I might have turned you on to it. The bakery here that makes good cheesecake has closed their local branch.

I would kill for a piece of Junior 's.

Mg and I have been together 37 years now. I think we were ready to kill each other last week,but we are doing better now. Spending time on Google hangouts with friends and that is helping. He is working from home. Because of my underlying conditions and his asthma we are not leaving the house for an indefinite time. I am halfway through a root canal,and have no idea when it will be finished

Love you

Liz said...

Oh yeah,I forgot. I have also been listening to a lot of Airplane,mostly Crown of Creation. Also a good time for earl Joni Mitchell.

Blue Heron said...

Actually Barbara and her then husband Stewart and I would smoke funky weed, watch Columbo and eat Breyers peach ice cream and Sara lee cheesecake. 72?