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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Need my fried chicken

For some reason I have been jonesing for fried chicken. You can't really get good fried chicken in Fallbrook, at least that I am aware of. Almost went to the Rainbow Oaks last night, they do it on Tuesdays but Les wasn't feeling well.

Boomers and millennials won't make the stuff like our parents did because our moms used Crisco. Sucks for us. I miss it.

The colonel has become awful, what's the old joke - food tastes terrible and there isn't enough of it? Have you priced a bucket of the gamey slop lately? Ridiculous.

I have decided to do a fast food chicken sandwich tour starting today. Local, no Popeyes or Chick fil a. Like this site did.

Wish me luck, heading over to the golden arches. Will report.

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Jerry HallJe said...

Raising Cane's in Temecula has a great fresh fried chicken sandwich.
#1? Maybe...