Blue Heron in flight

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Six feet

red tailed hawks keeping a healthy defensible distance

We are settling in to what can best be called a quasi confinement. We stayed close to home yesterday but did venture out for a hike at the end of the road. Nice, we haven't hiked together in a long while. I guess the word was out. Nature is the place to be. Lots of cars near the mailboxes, we ran into a fair amount of hikers, many of whom we knew. Cool, not like I own the place. I hear Sandia Creek is even crazier. Kept an appropriate distance.

Leslie took her shoes off and crossed the creek, loved the feeling of dirt beneath her toes and the nice warm air. Didn't see a lot of birds yesterday but did get treated to some nice aerobatics by these two red tailed hawks. They were pretty far away so I didn't get many decent shots but it was nice to watch.

On the way back home we ran into a neighbor and her daughter that were having their own good time, native hippie war peacepaint style. Very fun and colorful.

Today we had to go into town. Leslie knows someone who is ill and has been tested for Corona virus that is confined to a wheelchair. She needs to bring her and her son provisions while she awaits her results.

We went to four different stores trying to find soup for her, shelves are basically all cleaned out.

We had latex gloves on, were very careful about touching hard surfaces and maintaining appropriate distances. Others were not.

There was an elderly woman at Grocery Outlet commandeering an end cap and going on and on about her bad cough that she couldn't get rid of. I tried to stay out of reach of her pulmonary shrapnel.

People are still totally clueless. I hope that they get a clue quickly. Saw large families walking down the street, people having yard sales. Oblivious.

I went to Hanks to find a proper facemask, they are all long gone. I have a 3M M8247 respirator that I paint with at the shop, will wear that if I need to until I can find something better. It's long past its prime but might work, not optimally of course but and it still doesn't help Leslie.

She is going to leave the food on her friend's doorstep and use all available caution. It still worries me.

I still haven't weeded the yard. Meant to do it this morning but my back was tight. Better get to it soon while I can still find my place.

Honestly I am not hating staying at home. Getting some wonderful meals cooked for me, reading, writing, playing cards with my wife. I had hoped to spend some time cleaning up my office but haven't done a thing yet. Damn, this thing will all be over one day and my office better be organized.

I used to think about writing a novel now all I want is an organized office. Guess we all still have a long time left in captivity. Did file for an SBA loan yesterday, after prodding from Warmboe.  Will see how that pans out. I saw our first oriole of the year this morning. Leslie actually heard it earlier, wondered if it was an oriole. Bullocks actually. Flew by like a bullet.

I love you everybody but we need six feet. I don't entirely trust you, please don't trust me. ❤


Martin said...

From what I've read on your blog regarding your physical condition you have no business going anywhere near any place where you might encounter a person coughing uncontrollably - for your own sake, get serious. Please.

Blue Heron said...

I appreciate the concern Martin. Believe me, my self preservation reflex is very strong. The lady in the store was an unfortunate bottleneck. Try as hard as you might to keep it together, clueless people can foil the best laid plans. But we are all pretty much in the same boat here. Hopefully people will modify their poor behavior.