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Friday, March 27, 2020

Sweet Paisan

I loved the story in USA Today about the doughnut shop in Rochester, New York making doughnuts with the likeness of National Infectious Disease director, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Donut Delight, which has been operating since 1958, is currently sold out of the confections, which have gone viral nationally. (Should I say an immunologist's cupcakes have gone viral?)

Shawn Dowd - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
They have such an early Americana feel to them, really cool, I like the red and blue sprinkles. Very old timey.

Dr. Fauci and Governor Cuomo are currently polling higher nationally than anybody else in this crisis and Italian Americans are rightfully proud of him, as are the rest of us Americans.

The full dinner pail was a McKinley campaign slogan in 1896 and 1900

From the owner:
“He is calm, knowledgeable and he’s comforting during a time when our country needs it. He is inspiring to listen to. He is one of America’s heroes during this challenging time. Plus, he is a Paisano! We wanted to honor a great Italian American who is on the front lines in fighting this pandemic.” Salvator Fantauzzo
I think all Americans are grateful that Dr. Fauci is there, one of the few apparent adults in the room. Where would we be right now without him?

I guess he got into it with Trump today regarding the Malaria drug. Hope he manages to stick around. What a great cupcake! I would buy one.

And a well meaning copycat in Wisconsin is already making Fauci cookies. More the merrier. We need a hero right now.

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