Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cheap vacation

I know that I promised you a Hawaiian vacation but I'm just not feeling it right now. I think I would prefer to stay in the heartland, closer to where the deer and the antelope play.

Hope you won't mind revisiting Yellowstone and the Tetons and the surrounding area instead. Places I really want to visit again, hopefully off season. We can go look at pretty sunsets some other time when I'm in the mood. You'll save on sunscreen.

who doesn't love Morning Glory pool?
As always, when you are done reading I ask that you click on a picture to view them all fullscreen. And pick up your trash. Some of the early shots are really low res but who cares?

Ken and I were really lucky to shoot pictures of this cub and her mom. We had been looking for grizzly bears for several days and Pat had gone off to do his own thing.

Her name was Snow. Leslie and I saw her and her mother Raspberry eighteen months earlier when she was very young. Ken and I ran into them again on the last trip.

My photo partner has a thing for pronghorn, antilocapra americana. After finding this beautiful male at the National Elk Refuge, I can see why.

I wrote about the species here on the blast quite a few years ago.

The problem with Oxbow Bend is that when the light hits the aspens just right, you would swear that the colors were fake.

There is clear and then there is the clarity you might find if you are lucky on an icy morning at Schwabacher's Landing.

I have never processed this particular shot of the lovely red fox Leslie and I saw by Yellowstone Lake. Not sure why, never looked at it until just now.

But how could I ever forget its beauty?

I am reprocessing all of these shots. I am smarter and better at what I do now than when I took them.

This shot of Mammoth Springs has always been a favorite, specifically the rosy hue of the mineral deposits on the scalloped shelves. Shot kind of reminds me of a Thomas Moran painting, especially when I goose it up, which I have not done here.

Wind in the willows plays tea for two.

Think I can ever forget making the acquaintance of this marmot? I think not...

 a badger wandered by one afternoon in the Lamar Valley
A baby black bear cub trying to figure it all out.

Hope you enjoyed the short trip!

Who knows where we might land next?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Thanks for sharing. Beth

island guy said...

Thanks, some top favorite places! That’s some shaggy fox, I remember when you originally posted that shot.

Blue Heron said...

Actually have never posted that particular one, but have posted many in the series. Never processed until this morning. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Thanks for the tour. ~ Diane O

Ken Seals said...

Thanks, really enjoyable along with the good memories.

Anonymous said...

Loved my short vacation. Thanks so much for being our tour guide.