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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What's up with Florida?

What's up with Florida? If its not randy young millennials whooping it up in large flocks at New Smyrna and Clearwater it's the LGBTQ 2020 Winter Party in Miami.

Did they not get the word?

Total insanity.

I saw pictures of the 5500 person strong group grope two days ago and said you got to be kidding me. Six feet of defensible space, we don't have six centimeters. And wouldn't you know it; news today that an attendee tested positive for Corona virus. Talk about a chance for a disease to incubate.

Is this death wish behavior or what? The gay people and the straight people. Ridiculous.

Must be something they put in the water.


Anonymous said...

hey I'm tan fit and I workout at the gym what the big deal you are coronavirus racist or something!!

Sandra Kinsler said...

Note to self: photos are of mostly young, white men.

Blue Heron said...

Purely anecdotal but virus reports in San Diego right now are two to one men and I believe Italy is also heavily trending towards male casualties. what's up with that?