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Friday, March 6, 2020

Mirror man

Ricardo sent an instagram link to Shawn and I of a performer who does some juggling in a mirror suit.

Jesse Howard is a twenty five year old who is a graduate of the National Institute for Circus Arts.

Many moons ago Shawn, Ricardo and I juggled together and we got really pretty good. Informally performed a time or two at parties.

Ricardo and I were the best match as we had reversed polarity for some reason. Shawn and I were always reaching for the same ball at the same time in our routines.

This triggered a memory... a psychedelic night at Winterland in San Francisco, a long time ago in a universe far away and someone shows up in a similarly mirrored suit.

There was a large rectangular mirror hanging around their neck as well with the question inscribed on it "What are you looking at?"

In the contemplative condition I was in, the question posed took on a whole new universe of introspective meaning.

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