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Thursday, April 30, 2020


The news is so terribly depressing. I'm sure that you don't really need me to keep score. Trump is blaming Obama for not having a test for a virus that didn't even exist when he was in office. Trump's intelligence services are telling him that the virus was not manmade. He now says somebody else told him it really was but he can't say who because he is not allowed to. He senses that this whole virus thing is going to be over soon, because well, he's got a big gut feeling. The lies just keep pouring out, I'm not going to get the tally, what's the point, there will just be more and more of them. And 4400 meatpackers now sick with covid 19 but they have to keep working because America needs its meat and the minorities that work in the plants are pretty much expendable. And now Trump says he is the one in charge in the hunt for a new vaccine. After the malaria drug and the lysol, why am I not exactly reassured?

I don't blame the deplorables for Trump's actions, they are merely idiots. I don't necessarily even blame the principal perpetrator himself who is a sociopath who never should have been elected and put in this position. I blame the smart Republican enablers who knew what they were getting and decided to hold their collective noses and look the other way because he could either fulfill their social agenda or make them richer. Their ideology flipped. Suddenly the free market party became the protectionist tariff party that thought nothing at all about running up massive debt. We all know people who turned a blind eye to this guy because he served their purposes and who don't give a damn about what has happened to our country during his term. How long will it take to clean up this mess?

There is a direct line from Trump, Bannon and Miller to Charlottesville, Pittsburgh and Poway. The fires of racial animus that have been stoked during his reign could burn down the Reichstag. That may be the most unforgivable sin among many. A bunch of people with guns invaded the Michigan capitol today. Trump undoubtedly thinks they are fine people. I have read about the radical right's plans for the coming violent civil war, they call it the boogaloo. So very depressing. And sad for me to think that I really don't know which side some of the people I have previously called friends will show up on.

9:05 a.m. Friday Like clockwork.

Seth Herald/Reuters


Roy Jhciacb Cohen said...

In the next revolution we won’t be pointing muskets at our enemies, we’ll be pointing glocks at our upper pallets…

Dan Carlin

I know I’ve put that here before, at least I think I have, but it rings a little bit more true every day

JeffN said...

The Michigan thing is unreal. Hard to imagine even in these strange times. How did the right to bear arms become the right to bear arms anywhere, in any situation, and to do so in threatening ways?

Peaceful protest and assembly is one thing.. This is simply intimidation, one tiny step away from insurrection.

Kerr A. Lott said...

Trump supporters are about half the U.S. population and about half of them are white supremacists, tea partiers, evangelists, good ol' boys and gals, Fox fanatics, conspiracy buffs, virus-deniers, glue-sniffers and so forth.

They are are too ignorant to know it, but they're kinda evil (adjective: profoundly immoral and wicked).

The other half of Trump's supporters, the movers and shakers, the upper-middle class conservatives and the wealthy goons and politicians they support, are the real deplorables. They're smart enough to know better but greedy enough to enthusiastically support Dear Leader Trump.

Folks like that are consciously, deliberately evil.

Anonymous said...

This is really dangerous and really important. That Trump comes out with support means that they are now storm troopers and funding for them needs investigation. Chaos on our doorstep. We are one accidental bullet away from an historic massacre in somebody's statehouse. Not good.