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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

save the post office

I do not Facebook, Tweet or instagram, being comfortably ensconced in my own Blast bubble. But I admit, I do miss out on a lot of current information. My wife pretty much already knows everything I dig up from my more conventional sources, being a Facebook power user. I, on the other hand, am so last week.

So I missed the recent "Save the Post Office by buying stamps" campaign. I heard her talking to someone on the phone about it today.

Post Office is facing a 13 billion dollar shortfall and Trump doesn't want to fund it. He's mad at them for delivering Jeff Bezos's packages. She said if everybody bought a sheet of stamps, we could put a definite dent in the debt.

I love the Post Office, I like all the workers at my local office, would miss it a lot if it went belly up. Did you know that 48% of the world's mail volume goes through the United States Postal Service?

Buy stamps. I am in.


Anonymous said...

We would save money by stopping all the junk mail that is 90% of what I get a day. They make computers now that gives all the info. My cousin had a “green company “ that issued huge volumes of yoga-health lifestyle items. She said 3% of all the people they sent them to bought. Nuts time to look at and be responsible for alternate ways to get out mail not abusing with 10# restoration hardware books etc. when we are in states in winter we dive thru 40 lbs of mail when we return and maybe 3-4 lbs is actual mail.

aferda said...

Privatize the post office or just shut it down. While the constitution gave Congress the right to establish a post office, no one said they must do so or for how long. In my opinion, it has outlived its usefulness. Outside of parcel delivery, it is or soon will no longer viable. I understand certain edge cases for people living on a mountaintop in Idaho that UPS doesn't deliver to. But even the postal service makes them come off the mountain to collect their mail. Just because a dead industry has nice people working in it, does not mean that it has a right to be kept alive through government funding.

Blue Heron said...

Okay. Then the next step will be the private carriers deciding that certain rural areas are not worth the effort in their cost benefit analysis. And large sections of the country will not have a cheap way to send mail. If I am going to subsidize the coal industry and big corporate ag I think I can help the USPS too.