Sunday, April 12, 2020


Trump is feeling a lot of pressure to open up the economy. Dr. Anthony Fauci is being pilloried by some conservatives for being insufficiently sensitive to the plight of those economically devastated by this pandemic. Which is pretty much all of us. Here are the words of two Republican congressmen:
... he can no longer be one of the primary voices in this crisis, especially not after his assertion that the economic effects and devastation from this shutdown are merely inconvenient. Fauci and his team of experts deserve some credit for mitigating the spread of this virus. But they should no longer be the primary voices at the table. Fauci and Birx have indicated pretty strongly that they do not consider the greater needs of the country.
Like us, many people we talk to sympathize with and grieve for the victims of the coronavirus, as they do for victims of any disease. But they increasingly feel neglected and forgotten — their lives and futures matter, too. It is time to open the country and protect the most vulnerable in a targeted way.
Now I get that people are hurting economically. I am hurting. But seriously. Can you imagine opening the economy up before we get a handle on this beast and understand what the effects of a second wave of illness might cause? The contagion is now starting to make its way through the heartland, google Smithfield, see what is happening in South Dakota and Colorado.

We are a long ways from over here. You can't target the most vulnerable, we are all vulnerable at this point. And we can't do what Trump suggested and just let Covid - 19 wash over all of us and see who survives? That sort of nihilism borders on the socio if not downright psychopathic. He says a roaring economy will be our gift to the memory of those that have passed. Methinks he is probably only worried about getting re-elected, never having shown anything that looks like real sympathy to me, not in his entire life.

We are doing very well with our shelter in place protocols, it is no time to step on the gas and pretend that it is business as usual and break our disciplined confinement. Health is first. But I have an idea.

How about we open up the country the first day it is safe to do so and not a day before or a day after? As soon as it is time. How about that? Who in their right mind would want to wait a day longer?


Sanoguy said...

I agree. Trump, likely, will want to return to normal May 1. The problem, only one of the problems, is he deferred shutting down to the Governors. Most did shut down, some didn’t. Those same Governors will make the decisions on when to open up, notTrump. I am sure, if they don’t follow his lead, Trump will be pissed and calling those who don’t go along, bad names.

Ken Seals said...

There will be no way to tell for sure when that day will be, until everyone in the country has been tested for both the virus and the antibodies. So...

Anonymous said...

Test, test, test, and watch the documentary Pandemic.
Deli guy

Liz said...

My doctors have agreed that mg and I are quarantined for probably around 6 months. I simply wouldn't survive even a mild case of the virus. Mg has asthma,so he is probably in the same boat. I am not leaving the house except to walk up and down my culdesac. Mg will put on a mask and gloves to go to our drugstore.

We are changing our lives. Luckily mg can work from home. My friends will zoom me 4 or 5 times a week.

I can do this for 6 months. If he opens up the country it could be over a year. And I will not be buying things for that year. A year is just too much for me especially if it is because our president is a crazed,selfish idiot.