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Monday, April 13, 2020

I get letters

Oh, boy—defending irregardless is a stretch. It’s true that the Oxford Dictionary now includes it as a word, but only because of extended (mis)use. Seriously, can you think of an instance where the word regardless would not convey what you mean? What’s the point of making the effort to type or write the two additional letters? 

It’s a head scratcher from someone as sharp as you. 


My first reaction is that perhaps I am not as sharp as you think I am? But secondly, I have given this matter a lot of thought and honestly, as a wordsmith, think the extra syllable adds needed meter and intonation. Re-gard-less sounds somewhat bare to me. I like it better phonetically.

Irregardless of this fact and my obvious lack of culture and breeding I hope that we might still remain friends.

Eliza Doolittle


Liz said...

2 pieces of good news

1) my governor ( Virginia) just signed legislation making election day a holiday!

2) the liberal candidate for the Wisconsin supreme court seat WON.

island guy said...

Slowing the first syllable lets you roll into all those rrrrs and pause before continuing

Blue Heron said...

Good point Island Guy. And the guy who went after my sister for supporting her governor and calling him a baby killing degenerate, sign your comment and I will probably post them, ahole. But this is a pro choice blog and you might want to go somewhere where you are a little more sympatico.

Anonymous said...

That Northam the racist would find kindred spirit with the garden variety bigotry here in this blog is no surprise - not even worth mentioning, I guess. Both are of a very pure, base form.

But the Northam who would engage in infanticide finding cover here right beside all the righteous indignation is laughable.

Fake, fake, fake.

Blue Heron said...

I will make an exception and publish your second crappy comment, since you are not going after a family member of mine. Northam would allow third trimester abortion in cases of severe deformity, like a child being born without a brain for instance. I think I would too. I think that a potential parent knows better than the state in these sorts of circumstances. If you are not going to sign contentious comments, don't bother sending them.

Kerr A. Lott said...

Your conversation is totally irirrelevant!