Egret and crab

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


The night before last, driving home, I thought I saw the red tailed mother bending down in the nest, cocking her head.

Couldn't see anything with my angle but it was possible that she could have been feeding something or helping pip. I don't know.

When I left yesterday morning there was no bird in the nest whatsoever which is sort of rare and unusual for the time.

Must have been off hunting or stretching her wings.

I got a call from my neighbor in the midday that the male was on the nest and it looked like he was feeding something.

I raced home but everything looked static, same as the last two weeks. Same thing this morning.

The hatchlings could be there, they may be out of sight. All I can do is wait. These shots are handheld. I look forward to sharp pics of babies off the tripod.

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