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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Cut yo woman down

I grew up in a house with some very strong women, both mom and sisters. Pretty liberated women too but that is another story. And I was thinking how strange it is that so many popular music lyrics mention shooting your woman down, beating them, murdering them, etc. Neil Young, The Leaves, so much misogyny in the songs it is very weird, makes me question the impulse. Like, what's up with that? Leslie doesn't particularly care for Hey Joe or Down by the river, I shot my baby. I don't really blame her. Sort of troglodyte sentiments. Guess it mostly comes from early blues music, Tampa Red sang gonna get a butcher knife and cut off your head kind of stuff. Country too. Johnny Cash's can't forget the day he shot that bad bitch down. Much of the CSNY stuff seemed to objectify women in a very affected way. An "old lady" is like a golden retriever in their music. Pet it and forget it. A man needs a maid indeed. Even the Beatles were not immune, Run for your life if you can little girl or it's the end. The end? Really? That sounds a bit draconian, doesn't it? Stones said Under my thumb It's a squirmin' dog who's just had her day. Nice. Seriously the Rolling Stones might have won the grand prize. Any time you can refer to a woman as a canine...They have probably the largest catalogue of the entire genreThe Crystals sang: He hit me and it felt like a kiss way back in 1962. So strange and unhealthy. Boy, I sure wish that he would hit me again. He must really love me. I have to wonder, where does all this rage and anger come from? Were there that many young boys getting psychic transference from their emasculated fathers? Having said that, this Tim O'Brien, John Doyle, Jerry Douglas version is pretty dang good. I could list the bass player too, but let's face it, who ever listens to the bass player anyway?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry - the girls are getting back. Have you listened to the lyrics coming from some of the female singers of today?

Liz said...

Have you listened to Brandi Clark yet? Her songs,especially on her first album, could be our autobiography

Strong women

Kent said...

The John Lennon song, Woman is Nigger of the World is unforgettable to me.