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Thursday, April 16, 2020

TSOL - Flowers By The Door

I missed the anniversary of my father's passing a few days ago. Want to kick myself for not remembering. April has not been very kind to my family, it has frankly been a cruel month. My little sister Amie died in a car accident on El Camino Real in Rancho Santa Fe on April 18, 1983. Just a couple days off. Amie was a punk rocker and this was one of her favorite bands. She knew and hung out with them. She was a very talented writer and poet, mature beyond her years. She was only sixteen. Extremely intelligent. I love you Amie. You will never be forgotten.

It's such a cliche
they were taken too soon
I cried like a hound
and bayed at the moon

A solid foundation 
that turned into dust
their love was a fulcrum
our hearts were all crushed

the feeling that night
the unbelievable pain
to know that I would never 
see my sister or brother again

so raise up a glass
and honor their lives
and treasure those that remain 
while they still survive.

I've been thinking of my dad, and Amy and Buzz
Better that they didn't see the strange shit that's now troubling us.
A world upside down
lost its way in the rain
you think we'll be able
to put it together again?

Leave your flowers by the door.

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Anonymous said...

I make it a point not to remember the dates of death of my beloveds, too many now anyway, but do remember the month and give it a nod when it arrives. ~ Diane O