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Monday, April 20, 2020

Over the cliff notes

antibody tests don't work, or only 20% of them, because fda push allowed a lot of crappy tests to be put on the market. Bloomberg tries to silence its own reporter's wife so as not to piss off China. Trump was warned of Covid by over a dozen American officials at WHO in January. Nurses stand off against right wing protesters in Colorado. Trump's new strategy. Ivanka suggests shadow puppets. Large hotel and restaurant chains ran small business loan program dry. Lying liars vs. competent governors. Conway opens her yap. Govs call Trump testing claims delusional. Missionaries threaten genocide say locals. Pro-gun activists using Facebook groups to push anti-quarantine protests. Covid-19 Misinformation study. Poll shows large majority fear quarantine will be lifted too quickly. China uses Coronavirus as cover to suppress Hong Kong. When to open? IMHE v. UT covid modeling. Farts can kill.

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