Blue Heron in flight

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


Sometimes in times of crisis one must learn to rough it and do without. But how rough can it truly be when you are married to a gourmet cook like Leslie? Yesterday she cooked a corned beef brisket and broke it down for fresh hash in the morning. Boneless rib eye for dinner with cottage fried yukon gold potatoes and a lovely salad with watermelon radishes, sunflower seeds and a southwest ranch dressing. Renee gave us some organic vegetables from her garden and her multicolored baby carrots were just heavenly. For dessert Leslie made homemade banana bread with walnuts. Tonight she made what she calls her "perfect crab cakes," 100% pure crab, baked and broiled and then topped with lemon and homemade garlic aoli. So incredible, best crab cake anywhere. This was accompanied by two beautiful artichokes and cumin golden cauliflower. Spot of ice cream for dessert. Life is tough but we will find a way to martial on. Tomorrow we try another riff on the poached pears. Hope that you are eating well too. This is a horrible time for our planet but someday I just might look back and miss the food.

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