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Friday, April 17, 2020

Safe spacing

I was invited to take a walk with a buddy last week. With masks and protection of course, at a safe distance. I declined. I am just not at that stage with this thing yet. I go to grab a coffee, suitably wrapped and then hide in my shop and get whatever work I can done. Then go home. No fraternization.

Yesterday I went to get a coffee and one of the older hot rod gents that I hang with normally asked if I was going to stick around to talk. He didn't have a mask on and I said no, apologetically. Just not at the talking stage yet, mask or no mask.

Today my agenda gets altered a little. I drive to the scary medical building for my cancer immunotherapy treatment. Hillcrest has the highest rate of Covid-19 infection in my county and I advance very cautiously and enter as well protected as I can be.

Some people are very cavalier about the whole thing, just saw two mask less latina teenagers arm in arm, walking down the street. Almost wanted to roll my window down and say something but is it my role and duty to chide at this point?

Everybody has their own parameters for this thing. My friend who invited me for a walk went to the donut shop yesterday for a chocolate chip muffin. The guy in front of him had no mask. My friend said nothing. But when the guy blew his nose on his sleeve and then wiped it on the counter my friend blew up at the guy for his disgusting lack of hygiene.

And the guy went into a soliloquy about not believing in any of that "corona hogwash." At which point my friend left the joint, without his chocolate chip muffin.

Most of the people in my town are starting to wear masks, those without are a minority. I noticed a tweaker looking skateboard guy without one this morning and thought that this epidemic has got to be like Christmas to a nihilist with a death wish. Bring it baby, thanatos in action. Most of the hispanic labor force on the other hand, now do have masks on, in these parts you see them riding their bikes. Good for them.

Everybody has seen Jeff Kowalski's picture of the DeVos funded armed insurrection on the Michigan courthouse steps by now. How dare Governor Gretchen Whitmer not allow us to exercise our freedom to be stupid?

I see four masks, the majority do not wear any and are far less than six feet apart. Of course they are egged on by the most favored right wing media silo, Fox News, Laura Ingraham now cheerleading that it was "time to get their freedom back." Deplorable.

I have seen similar rallies taking place in Kentucky, even Covid-19 parties where people assemble and dare each other to get the virus. They haven't worked out too well.

And unfortunately there have been far too many preachers who felt that the crisis was a perfect opportunity to test and see if the microbe could stand up to their faith. You can read their obits just like I can. Not a smart gambit.

zombie gathering in Ohio - Joshua Bickel
Whether we have similar politics or not, I hope that all Americans and all citizens of this planet will do their utmost to not get sick and be a little smarter.

This disease might not kill you but there is new evidence that it can really have a go at your kidneys, liver, lungs and heart. This thing is not the flu and it is not a walk in the park. No matter how old you are. Be safe.

Exercising your constitutionally guaranteed freedom to assemble might not be the best move for you or your family and friends right now.

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Martin said...

I'm 83 and my dear child bride is 68 and even tho' we're both in good health we've been hunkered down since before our Guv'ner put out her stay home edict, going out (masked and gloved) only to purchase food and other necessaries at the local grocer. We are, however, surrounded by neighbors who 'don't believe it' and who want to approach us to 'visit' if we happen to be outside and are observed. Many of these folks are friendly acquaintances but I've been compelled more than once to ask them to maintain a distance or have had to back up when my request has gone unheeded - only to be given a quizzical look and a shrug - and most of them are in our age bracket. Go figure...