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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stuff from you

Renee and Vern took this picture up in Lake Elsinore the other day
Beth sends over this wonderful Mozart bird song opera.

Shawn contributes the Sony annual photography award winners.

Jonathan emails a video of Alaska Photography juror David Michael Kennedy.

Greg offers a link to HPWREN camera cams that San Diegans might find interesting.

Over in Arizona Terry Dewald hiked up Mt. Kimball through Finger Rock Canyon. Lots of beautiful wildflowers.

A grueling 12.5 mile walk with 4500' of elevation gain. But Terry keeps himself in much better shape than any of the rest of us.

Always appreciated everybody. Thank you all.

I am not a very successful blogger. Well I suppose that my daily numbers are alright but any decent influencer on Instagram or cute cat video on YouTube will draw a magnitude more hits and responses. I am afraid that it's an acquired taste, and certainly not for everybody. The metric I am referring to is trolls.

I have one lousy troll. Millard doesn't count, he is a personal friend and longtime antagonist. Any blogger worth his salt should have oodles of trolls after thirteen years at the keyboard. I get one. He or she (and I think it is a he for some unknown reason), says he has to read me every morning to see what the "pseudo-intellectual bigot" is thinking. Then I get some random hate filled invective.

Now I don't really understand the rationale, it takes only a second to delete, and he knows he won't get printed, because I have a rule that contentious and nasty posts should be signed, as well as all ad hominem attacks, but he won't stop. The sad truth is that I think he has a serious crush on me.

I'm not interested, troll. I hate to tell you but I'm straight. Your clumsy and poorly written triggers do nothing against my superpowers. Get a life. Find someone else, preferably somebody like minded. Your strange fetish for the Blue Heron Blast has to stop. May I suggest, perhaps, a new hobby?

Price drop: I still have a large box of blue heron blast t-shirts in various colors and sizes in the back room for sale. Not doing me any good back there. Send me your size and twelve bucks and you will be the new proud owner, including shipping. Will try to give you the color you want but I think there are a lot of black ones left and I can't guarantee the hue. They are high quality shirts, designed by the talented Brett Stokes and I am wearing one as we speak. Paypal me.



Scrota Voce said...

St. Vincent's Hospital here in Santa Fe has laid off 300 (!) employees in the middle of this extraordinary, life changing, end of times,
'we're gonna cancel all elective surgeries' pandemic, cuz they're coming and we're gonna have patients lined up on the sidewalk. And Loveless in Albuquerque has a grand total of 17, count em, 17 patients in the entire hospital, and are laying off staff. I guess the staff are getting in the way of the incoming patients from the extra special, over the top, not to be believed, once in a lifetime pandemic, that we can blame on non-progressive, un-enlightened, anti-science Neanderthals who only care about the bottom line, unlike our kind, the knee jerk
politicians who never had to meet a payroll.

Milton Friedman

Blue Heron said...

Thank you Millard.