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Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Most of us libs have conservative friends who immediately go into the same dance number if you happen to say anything even slightly negative about President Trump. It starts out with,"Well both sides are equally at fault."

Now it is rare to ever get a constructive argument about exactly how both sides are equally at fault but I digress. Both sides have to be equally at fault. It's the rules.

Now segue into the grumbling about how "We never did this to Obama" and how unfair the press is to the orange one.

Then they usually start blaming people. It's a classic exercise now referred to in the trade as "whataboutism." And I know that this casting about for a villain and searching for equivalence can be mentally taxing, and that facts are sometimes icky.

Basically what we are dealing with here is a low information processor with a slight cognitive handicap so I thought that I would simplify it for them and make up a handy crib sheet for just these sorts of uncomfortable moments. Really, any of them will work. Because as you know, thinking can hurt...

The real problem isn't Trump, what about:

Barack Hussein Obama
FDR - New Deal
Bill Clinton
Liberal professors
Jerry Mathers
Deep State
The jews
Marlon Perkins
That bastard Thomas Jefferson
Nancy Pelosi
Bicoastal elites
Maxine Waters
The media
Black Lives Matter
Removing prayer from the schools
Bill Gates
George Soros
LBJ - Great Society
Sandy Duncan
Your weird uncle that can make those odd fart noises in his armpit.

Sorry, I forgot China. Schumer. Shifty Schiff. And Sam Jaffe. I've never trusted the medical profession since Dr.Zorba.

Feel free to send this to your conservative cronies. And don't bother thanking me. I do this for the world.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for all the other people at fault too I’ll add that to my cheat sheet

Anonymous said...

Sandy Duncan!?

The inhumanity!!

Scrota said...

Ran into the late great Vince Edwards ('Ben Casey') a coupla times at Santa Anita, where he was a regular denizen. Once at the ticket
counter in the Turf Club where he came up to talk to the guy in front of me, and the 2nd time at a distance. He was standing at the walkway below the terrace tables where two exceptional females were eating. He spent an inordinate amount of time stating his case for a 'daily double' but in the end they obviously had placed their bets elsewhere and just got up and walked past him. He was noticeably upset as he
watched them disappear.

Sam Jaffe

Blue Heron said...

He couldn't carry Richard Chamberlain's jock.

Scrota said...

I think Raymond Massey could and did.

Dr. Gillespie