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Monday, April 13, 2020

Today at the feeder

untouched - zero processing

Things have been pretty humdrum back at the feeder. Wet and gray.

Still the black headed grosbeaks finally showed up.

The hooded orioles don't mind a free grape jelly meal but they do not consent too readily to having their picture taken.

The female is more inclined than the male.

I still can't get a feeder shot with him, he is very elusive and I have to settle for long distance shots on the power line. One of these days...

The scaly breasted munia has none of those particular reservations.

I am going to guess that this little guy is a Say's Phoebe but I could be wrong. I don't see the characteristic buff yellow on the stomach. Could be an ash throated, I suppose. A lot of flycatchers have this crested look. My birder peeps will tell me.

Note: My ace birder mentor Ken Weaver says that this is actually an Oak Titmouse. Thank you Ken! Oak titmouse, why didn't I think of that?

The Allen's hummingbird is certainly enjoying the orange blossoms.

I bought black sunflower seeds today at Grangetto. Our regular delivery of bird food is way behind.

I bought a commercial bag last week and the birds don't like it, mostly all millet. So I am popping for a big bag of black sunflower seeds to hold them over.

You can see the crappy mix behind the female black headed grosbeak.

Maybe I can get some better shots this afternoon. What else do I have to do?


Anonymous said...

I think that little gray guy with the top crop is an Oak Titmouse beth

Blue Heron said...

Thanks Beth, Ken straightened me out. Thanks to both of you.

Ken Seals said...

All very enjoyable!