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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Native brothers and sisters

John Feldman, a good friend in Albuquerque, alerted me to the fact that the Native American Pueblos are getting hit by covid-19 really badly.

He mentioned Zia and San Felipe but I am not sure of the state of the other pueblos. I am sure they are not good either.

I knew that the Navajos were getting hit hard but not about the pueblos. I feel for all of these people. Apparently New Mexico is starting to spike, yesterday there was a 55% increase of virus deaths. Currently 1345 confirmed cases, 3806 in Arizona. My understanding is that the native component is high, over 31%.

The Navajo nation now has 813 confirmed cases. This is a higher per capita rate than all but two states in the union. I wish all my dineh and pueblo brothers and sisters the best of health. Hope that you can get through this soon.

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Hudgins said...

Seems to me that we are carrying on the great European/American tradition of exposing native populations to pathogens that they would not normally be exposed.