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Friday, April 17, 2020

For whom the covid tolls

Too many obits to count these days. Some wonderful people have been taken out of the picture, some old, some young, some caught right in the prime of their lives. All important to somebody and in their own right.

Two obits have caught my eye recently. Very special people.

First this morning's New York Times. John Horton Conway. Pretty amazing man.

And Michael Sorkin - Visionary architect.

Both of these are worth a read.

Jennifer Jeffries sends along an excellent article from Medium - It's the math stupid. A must read.

Jennifer has been a big help to me throughout this crisis, what a beautiful person.


island guy said...

Would agree that most people have no sense of exponentials. This seems to be a key part of why less ideological people can still think of this as being the same as the regular flu.

Anonymous said...

The author is correct. He makes the same point I was trying to make with Mr. Anonymous - the only way to deal with the virus is the sort of shutdown they enforced in China. The idea that so-called social distancing will work is naive.

With idiots like those dumbass redneck protest paraders in Michigan and horny brain dead Spring Breakers running around breathing on each other and bumping uglies, exponential growth of the virus is going to kill a lot of people, a whole lot, tens of millions of us. Maybe hundreds of millions.

We can’t count on acquired herd immunity because the infection rebounds. Not only that, now we know it affects the brain, the heart, the kidneys and who knows what else, so even if you’re infected and you “recover" you’re still fucked, because your vital organs are damaged, and you’re still able to infect others.

Of course, if we do wise up and enforce strict isolation for 4-6 weeks of everyone, the world’s economy will be destroyed. Our planet might become like a trashy science fiction movie, back to the stone age for whoever survives, dog eat dog.

The only way out is to develop a cure… which may be on the horizon, it seems like the drug used to treat Ebola may work.

Glad I’ve lived most of my life, I had a good run and don’t mind dying a little early, just don’t want to be sick as a dog when I go.