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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Blog crazy

We all do different things to relieve stress. Some people golf, some people bake, I write. When I was going through counseling during my divorce, the therapist said that people like me took refuge in their intellect and that I was lucky, if I didn't have one I would most probably be charcoal after my unusual childhood. And not to bring wounded birds home to fix.

I have posted 291 posts during the last two calendar months and we are not quite finished. I can not remember and do not believe that I have ever been so prolific, nor so blindly partisan, frankly. Microscopic aliens land to destroy our globe, the gloves come off. Or put on, in some cases.

I was musing in the car and asked my google assistant what percentage of my sixty two year life the last thirteen years writing blogs were? The assistant told me to watch the road, that I had forgot to shave and 20.9%. That is a pretty good stretch, if I can say so myself.

When I send out the blog it is sort of a hunt and peck affair, believe it or not. Who am I harassing with my incessant blather, is it too much? Now I have my regulars that will always be on board but what about those people on the fringes, the people I never hear from, you always have to wonder if you are in the mail clogging, instant delete category? I wouldn't blame anybody honestly. Especially these last two months.

So I sent out a letter yesterday to most of the people I customarily or occasionally send to. May have forgotten a couple.
You know I send this thing out pretty reflexively. I haven't heard from many of you in many years, not sure if this is just a quick delete for you. Don't want to harass you. If you are no longer interested in reading the Blue Heron Blast will you let please me know and I will no longer clog up your inbox. No hard feelings, won't take it personally. I'm aware of what an obsessed and incessant writer I am. 
thanks and best of health. We will get through these dark times, 
Robert Sommers
I was overwhelmed with responses yesterday. Ninety eight at last count. And the count was ninety seven to one, the one guy who said stop sending was pretty polite but felt like he could not stand any more liberal harassment. Told me not to reply, he did not want a lecture and the subject was no longer open to debate. I laughed to myself. Not a bad percentage.

Of course many people never wrote back. But the people that did were emphatic that I should keep writing and keep sending. Thought they were getting a Dear John letter and that I was heaving them overboard.

What was most heartening was hearing from the people I send it to that I have never, ever heard from, who told me for the first time how much it meant to their daily life. The people I was so worried about alienating.

Thank you everybody, lurkers, distants, regulars and occasionals. I appreciate you staying here with me.


Anonymous said...

I'm a very new reader, and feel lucky to have found your blog. Your beautiful photography is only the first thing. You have had so many different experiences than I have, I am learning all the time. Thanks.

Blue Heron said...

Thank you so much. I am glad that we have found each other.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been reading your blogs for years and although I’ve never commented and only conversed with you at shows,I would encourage you to keep up the efforts. As your wares elevate our appreciation of beauty and stimulate our thoughts, so do your words, photographs, and musical choices. (I bought the Rix landscape)

Blue Heron said...

Thank you Steve. Best to you and your family.