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Monday, April 13, 2020

Trump wants to bring it

Me (holding coffee, cup) : Honey, Trump says that he has the power to open the country up no matter what the state and local governments say. Most legal experts say there is no such power.

She (not looking up) : Not surprising...

Me: Funny thing is, this Supreme Court wouldn't bat an eye if he shot an innocent man in the street.

She: Didn't they already give him permission?

This will be interesting. Let us see if the President of the United States can pick an arbitrary date to order us to go back to work, irrespective of what his top health experts have advised. Assuming that he has not fired them yet. Not withstanding the fact that 59% of those polled nationally are more concerned with rolling back social distancing too soon than they are with potential economic fallout.

The thing to watch is how the Republican governors split on this. Asa Hutchinson down in Arkansas, Greg Abbott in Texas, no problem. Larry Hogan in Maryland, no way. Ditto Mike DeWine in Ohio. Charlie Baker, Phil Scott, we shall see. It will be very interesting to see how the thing shakes out but our President seems to be on the most frail and shaky of legal grounds here. Of course he has granted himself secret emergency powers. Which includes the imposition of martial law and suspension of habeus corpus, hence the possibility of a dictatorship.

And now we can watch the SCOTUS contort themselves into a legally convoluted black robed pretzel in order to give the orange emperor his eventual 5-4 legal victory. Burn the Reichstag.

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Ken Seals said...

Seems like Newsome is getting on that bandwagon now.