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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Basic question

It's the testing. We lag in regards to Covid -19 testing in America, under 2% per capita. We were at 14.73 tests per thousand yesterday, Italy is nearly twice that at 28.88. Dr. Fauci says it is not enough, the President says it is plenty.
"I don't agree with him on that, no, I think we're doing a great job on testing," Trump said. Fauci's comments run counter to Trump's regular assurances that American coronavirus testing is on solid footing, including on Wednesday when he told reporters "we're doing more testing, I think, than probably any of the governors want."
Find me a single governor who says that we are doing too much testing and I will send you a crisp dollar bill. Fauci wants to double the testing in the next two weeks nationally. The case for mass testing.

Please tell me what is the political and rational calculus for the administration not testing more Americans? I'm a little slow on the uptake.

I basically despise Scott Adams, the cartoonist who draws Dilbert. He has become the toadiest of presidential asslickers. In the past he has exploited mass shootings like a ghoul. And I find his comics depressing as hell.

So I thought it extremely funny the other day after Trump weighed in on drinking bleach and U.V. light, Adams penned a twitter polemic that said that the nation needed an i.q. test and that Trump was indeed the smartest man in the room, because he had obviously read an obscure u.v. light study and knew more than the rest of us..

Which was cool, until Trump said that he was just being sarcastic and trolling the nation the next day. Will Adams ever admit that he was taken in? Highly doubtful. Because in the world of "persuasion" that he admires so greatly, perception is everything and truth runs a distant second. In ancient Japan it would be simple, he would be instructed to commit seppuku in a public place. We should be so lucky.

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Love the ‘broad shouldered’ look that the Harrier has in the photo.