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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Message to and from Jim Desmond

I received this message from my county supervisor yesterday. He's heard from business and they want to re open.

And I sent back this letter to his aide Donna Cleary yesterday evening:

I first want to thank you and Supervisor Jim Desmond for trying to help me and my business through the covid 19 epidemic. I think he has done a laudable job, his videos are warm and reassuring. I have a much better sense of a very likable guy who is trying his very best for our community. It is much appreciated.

I do have a question about his recent pronouncement that he has heard from North County businesses and that they are ready to open up for business again. I am sure that many do, personally I still think it is too early. If you look at the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in San Francisco, the second wave was a real killer. I see that Fallbrook got two more confirmed cases today, we were at 7 for the longest time, then 11, now we are at 13. It doesn't seem like we are out of the woods yet to me. But I am seeing people en masse in front of the coffee shop, not taking social distancing precautions, not wearing masks, like we are now in the clear. Do you think that we are in the clear?

So my question is, was there a vote of some kind on the re-opening? Did you take an informal poll?  Do the medical professionals and epidemiologists in the county also think that now is the proper time for the move? And should businesses be the ones making this call at this time?

Please know that I am not being snarky here but sincere. I really do appreciate you but just want to be on record that I think any opening is several weeks premature.

Thanks again,

Robert Sommers
Blue Heron Gallery

I would like to know what the particular calculus was to make the push for reopening decision. Are the wishes of some business owners trumping medical professionals? Was there a poll or vote that I missed? If I get a response from Donna Cleary or Supervisor Desmond I will publish it.

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