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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Another opinion

I can argue about the lesser of two evils and the fact that there are no perfect people until I am blue in the face. Some people don't agree with me. Like this letter from a very dear friend who would rather sit out than vote for Biden or Trump. His identity is not important.
In 2016, about 216,000 Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin voters backed the Vermont senator in the spring and Trump in the fall, according to an analysis of exit polling — well over twice the president's total margin of victory in those states, which were critical to his electoral vote win in the face of a decisive popular vote loss.”
True, and it will happen again if Biden gets the nomination. If Biden gets nominated I won’t vote at all. For Biden or for Trump.
I’d rather see Trump re-elected than help install Biden as president, because that will energize Bernie supporters to keep working on real change for another four years. By the time 2024 rolls around voters will realize that the U.S. needs to join every other advanced country on earth and institute Medicare for all, lower prescription drug prices, put insurance companies out of business, eliminate the confessional-industrial-military complex, etc. 
If every other advanced nation can manage free health care we can too. Why is a life saving drug like insulin priced 90% (or 100%) higher in the U.S. than it is in civilized countries.
As you know of course your brother Buzz had to move to Canada because the U.S. is so damned pro-corporate, pro-status-quo, pro 0.1%.
I don't agree with him whatsoever but respect and understand his opinion. I am coming to this thing from an environmental position, I don't think the planet can take four more years of Donald Trump's devastating policies.

And I can't see the revolution coming after his term either. More apt to finagle himself into a Putin style President for Life job.


Sanoguy said...

I agree!! The priority in this election is to get rid of Trump... have felt all along that I will vote for anyone who the Dems run against Trump. Send him packing!!

Jon Harwood said...

The idea that greater deprivation, death or chaos will cause the masses to finally wake up and fight is an old one going all the way back to classical Marxists. It happens but you need the level of trouble you saw in Russia in 1917 to get it to work. An remember despite all the prognostication about imminent revolution in Europe it was feudal Russia that surprized everyone. I would rather bet on the incremental change that has typified US history. Even the US revolution and the US civil war arrived ranter slowly with a long build up. I think what we are seeing is a Trumps fairly slow transition to an authoritarian state getting interrupted by reality. Step one is to reverse the slide to authoritarianism and ousting Trump is a part of that but not the whole. Then IF this sticks we may hope for the country to move in a saner direction. None of this is guaranteed.

All of those talk radio hosts and their allies spent a lot time getting here and they will work to get here again if the country moves leftward.

Kerr A. Lott said...

The DNC know Biden stands no chance against Trump. Biden can barely stand, can barely put together a coherent sentence.

The DNC see Bernie as a threat to their center-right corporate butt-kissing existence and would much rather see Trump in office for another four years.

It's congressional by the way, not "confessional'-military- industrial complex". Yes, I am the 'anonymous friend' and will always be Robert's friend Robert even though we disagree when it comes to Bernie v. Biden.