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Saturday, March 7, 2020


People are pretty freaked out, been elbow bumping greetings all week, skin to skin contact is so last month. There is nothing quite so democratic as a virus, infecting its prey without regard to philosophy, class, race or station. Or even immigration status I guess. There was news today that somebody was infected at the conservatives CPAC conference, which I must admit gave rise to a short burst of private fantasizing that I will keep to myself, thank you.

Striking ever closer to home, guess a school worker in Murrieta has come down with it now. Not much you can do about any of it, stay cool and hope your ticket's not punched. Still more statistically likely to get hit by lightning than contract but things could definitely change I suppose. In any case, don't book any cruises anytime soon, they seem to be a magnet for the foul critter. I hear lobster prices are way down, can't ship them to China so when dealt lemons we might as well crack a few crustaceans and make lemonade.

I can't wait until I am 65. Three more years. Medicare. I don't know how people survive. I am getting crushed with medical bills, serious five figures. They are starting to come after me, collections, etc. The copays are out of control, you have to ration your own care. Doctor says you need something and you now have to second guess them because the deductibles and uncovered costs are so high and you can't afford them.

I mentioned this to a fairly conservative couple of friends the other day and said there had to be a better way. Single payer, medicare for all, Canadian system, anything, something so that schmucks like me can survive. He said that would be communism and we can't have that.

We can give farmers $28 billion bucks in subsidies the last two years, pay corporate agri farms billions not to grow crops, pay farmers who have been previously convicted of graft, that is okay, please tell me why that sort of communism is okay but helping ordinary Americans afford health care is so taboo and unpatriotic? I don't get it.


Sanoguy said...

Me either!

Kerr A. Lott said...

Vote for Bernie the commie if you want to curtail dismantle the military-industrual-congessional complex, end corporate welfare, force the .01% to pay a little more in taxes and institute Medicare for all.

Anonymous said...

I don't think those policies will make it through today's house & senate.

Liz said...

We both had the same fantasy.

If it wasn't for Medicare I would probably be dead