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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Trouble ahead, trouble behind...

3:10 from Seligman
I think I should note that I just passed nine thousand blog posts, making this number nine thousand and one. Not that nine thousand is any more important than six thousand three hundred and ninety seven or number one or even ten thousand in the great scheme of things but I tend to mark my steps and keep track in round numbers.

I guess I should say that I thought at some point that I would write a book, or write more of the short speculative fiction that I love but can never quite find the time to pursue.

It turns out that my literary fate instead has turned out to be more of scribing a running commentary on the day to day life we blasters face and the world we live in. And I guess I'm cool with that.

The most important thing is to have you on board and there are many of you, and many of us have been traveling this road together for a long time. If you didn't listen, lurk, comment and contribute it would, of course, be meaningless.

Thanks for being along for the ride.

Blast on and blast off. See you at ten thousand.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robert.

That was a beautiful story you sent about the

bonds formed through martial arts..

It sucks getting old.. but it's fun watching

other people competing.. I've been watching

a lot of boxing lately.. amazing to see the evolution

of some of the best fighters now..

I love the photographs in your blog that you've

been sharing from your life's excursions.. thank you so much

for being unabashedly who you are.. your voice in your writing is

refreshing and though you claim to have interests a quarter of a mile wide

and a half inch deep, you are rigorous in your arguments and I enjoy reading

how you connect your wide range of interests and varied life experiences with

your love for life, the arts, nature, sports, science, politics and the people you have known and also for sharing with us

the memories of the family members and friends that you have lost.

Life is definitely different now with the threat of the virus looming over us all so heavily..

and you also have your own health and medical battles you are waging.. so your generosity of spirit

is both humbling and inspiring...I just wanted to say your Blue Heron Blast blog is a welcome lift above these clouds and a warm virtual nest

to find some sanity, levity and community...- Even though we're half a world away I feel like we're hanging out together in the coffee shop like

we used to.. I wish you and Leslie all the health and happiness together..

(name withheld)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, daily reader here not sure why. Check Email then read the blast, then news.
Deli guy✌️

drew said...

suddenly there are all of these so-called bloggers telling us the most important things we need to know about Covid-19.....I am not a sports fan, not really a spectator of anything other than music I guess....but I can tell you, this blog makes me think, it gives me hope and it is never boring.....thank you Robert for keeping us entertained and informed....good health my friend~!

North County Film Club said...

Keep it up!