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Friday, April 3, 2020

Wear a mask

When I drove through Fallbrook town this morning I saw a lot of people walking around without masks. I think that is foolish. At this point everyone should have at least a cloth mask and be wearing it in public.

There are currently at least six known covid -19 cases in Fallbrook, we are not immune. Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your life? And since so many cases are asymptomatic, how do you really know that you are not endangering others? Masks work both ways, you know.

It is not just about you, it is about all of us. Masks make a difference and you know better. You can make one with an old t-shirt and scissors, there are a million how to's out there. The six foot distance is not enough and experts now say that the virus can be transmitted by normal talking.

I even know some of you but rather than bust you here on the blast I want to exhort you to please wear one in public. I have been and it is not a big deal and actually makes me feel much more secure. I don't go out in public without gloves and a mask. Neither should you. Especially at Major, Grocery Outlet and Albertsons. Don't even think of breathing on the rest of our food.

I found it interesting that on the same day that the first lady Melania tweeted that every American should be wearing a mask her husband said that he would not be wearing one. Don't be like her husband. You're much smarter than that. Flatten the curve.

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