Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pink moon

I managed to find a break in the clouds and shot the moon last night. Not bad for a quick handheld job. Fairly decent detail. This was the largest moon we will see all year. The full moon is actually difficult to shoot well because the large amount of reflected light flattens out the image. That is why you see better detail on the fringe.

ƒ4.5 1/500th iso 64 400 mm

I meant to go out later in the night and set the tripod up and see if I could do better but it was too wet and I was too tired.

And don't think it was really necessary now after seeing the shots. The high resolution image looks even better. I shot this one at a base iso of 64. I could pull more detail out of the bright areas but over processing gives a granular quality that I don't personally enjoy so I will probably just leave it alone. They tell you to shoot the moon at ƒ11. It is called the looney 11 rule. Don't believe them, at least for night shots with no foreground. You lose sharpness and you don't need the depth of field. And always shoot at a speed that at least matches your focal length value.

Not bad, Rob.

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Wicki Van De Veer said...

Very not bad! Wicki