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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Time for kindness

This pandemic seems to be bringing out the best in us. Earth has stopped shaking so much, there is less pollution, people are actually being good to each other. I think sometimes it takes something monumental for us to assess what is truly important. Each other.

I was at the post office yesterday and I noticed the tall African American gentleman in front of me was not wearing a mask. I said, "Hey buddy, where is your mask?" I was kind and I want you to know that my concern was sincere.

"I don't have one," he said, sounding a little freaked out. We talked about the higher incidence of covid - 19 in the African American community and he thought it might have to do with them not having masks. Just as I was starting to tell him how to make one out of a t-shirt, the woman in front of us says that she is a mask seamstress, she opens up the box of masks she is sending out and hands him one. Spontaneous act of kindness. Always good. He was very much relieved.

Leslie was at the store in Temecula buying something for our Passover dinner. She noticed a man with a tallit, the blue and white prayer shawl that orthodox jews wear. She said hello and they had a pleasant conversation and he gave her a special matzoh that was sent to him from Egypt.

Our seder was wonderful. Leslie led the prayer with the wine and I asked G-d if we hadn't had enough of the plagues already?

And to bless all those that are sick and those that care for them. See, even an agnostic needs to hedge his bets once in a while.

The unleavened bread was delicious. It is round and much more handmade and organic in nature than what we are used to. More toasted than the norm.

Leslie lit a yartzheit candle for a friend who passed yesterday who had been very meaningful in her life when she was younger. My wife never forgets to honor a deceased friend or relative, another reason why she is wonderful and why I love and respect her so.

She made charoset, the apple, honey and nut mixture that you see in the bowl and also a lovely lamb stew. Some believe that charoset represents the mortar that was used between the blocks of the Pharaoh's buildings. Don't know, wasn't there.

I wish you all the best of holidays and also the best of Easters. May we all be good to each other and strive to understand what is really important in each of our lives. Let us practice kindness at every opportunity in these dark times. We can always revert to being assholes later.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you and Leslie a Happy Passover... and hw great to have matzoh from Egypt! Yes let's notice how we can be so much better an make it a habit. aloha no , Wicki