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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Surf shots

Tyler Wright - Trestles Pro

Jonathan Hill asked me to post some of my favorite surf pictures. I really don't take very many but let me see if I have a couple packed away somewhere.

This shot was taken the biggest surf I can remember in the north county of San Diego, Swamis Beach - December 5, 2007.

The streets of Encinitas were packed like sardines with people looking for a sight of the large waves.

I had pretty antiquated gear back then so I don't have great surfing shots but thought you might like a shot of the lineup.

Dropping in at the Wedge, Newport Beach, August 26, 2014.

surfer - Huntington Beach Pier

Swamis soul surfer 10/4/2015

Otton - Trestles

I don't think my surf pictures are necessarily any good but I do think my approach is a little bit atypical. Perhaps one day I will have an opportunity to perfect my craft. I now have a drop in circular polarizer for my long lens. That should help.

Coco Ho - Trestles Pro 9/8/16
Bethany Hamilton - Trestles Pro

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Martin said...

I'm not a surfer, neither am I a connoisseur of surfing shots but methinks your pics perfectly illustrate the 'why' of the sport; the lure of being in the mix of it...