Monday, April 6, 2020

Critical diversions

It's been raining all day. I am sick of being in the house, sick of laying on the couch, sick of the stupid computer, sick of snacking, pissed that I don't have any ice cream, nothing to read, my body feels like crap from inactivity, going out of my MIND! I just watched the local weather. Five o'clock Wednesday night we are due for an hour of sunlight, then back to the deluge. All week.

I imagine that many of you have killed countless hours this past month on YouTube. I know I have. What have been your favorite diversions? What's the weirdest thing you have eaten during your confinement?

It's strange, I'm not even that much of a hockey fan but for a solid week I watched hockey fights. Not the games, the fights. Domi, Probert, Kocur and McSorley, McCarthy, Brashear and Wendel Clark. I'm kind of over that now. Domi was a psycho.

What else? I watch Ari, my favorite polyglot. He was in a chinese VR chat room last week when he realized that all the cute little girl bunnies and unicorns were really males, who for some reason liked to play girl in virtual land. Accepting as he is, he got the heck out of there.

I watch Max, the pet lynx. Max is beautiful and likes to dig in the snow. It is amazing how many people have pet bobcats and even pumas in their apartments. You watch one video and they eventually all roll in. Canadian lynx are beautiful.

I've been trolling the comments section at Fox a little bit.

I've watched a lot of famous performers give house concerts from their living rooms during the global crisis. Graham Nash, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Fogerty, Paul Simon. They pretty much all sound awful. I watched Jorma the other night from Fur Piece Ranch and he sounded pretty good as does Joan Baez but some of the other music was unlistenable. Thomas Dolby was good. Well, they all tried.

I watch Eric Rosen kill everybody in chess. And Agadmator. Let's see, what else. Scammer Revolts goes into fake Indian call centers and deletes all the files on the Benchode's computers. That is kind of fun.

I watched Pistol Pete Maravich score 68 points on the Knicks yesterday, without a three point line. What a performer.

What else? Ice fishing for muskie and pike. Zatoichi the blind swordsman. Judo videos. Cape buffaloes going at it with lions. Zit popping. Poker vlogs. Honey badger vids. Early Cassius Clay fights. Efren Reyes shooting pool. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring goals. And on and on. Crap and more crap. Four or five more days of rain, watch me go freaking nuts.

What have you been doing?


Liz said...

Professional wrestling. Not w we (which sucks worse than ever) but all elite (AEW) and nwa. As good or better than what we used to veg too. I am trying to only listen to one hour of news a day,so I am knitting compulsively while watching cooking shows. I will probably spend tomorrow complaining to my grocery delivery service which will at least keep me busy

island guy said...

Quite the video list. My closest corollary currently would be epic surfing wipeouts. Maybe I’ll indulge my taste for Fails (stupid people coming to grief while doing really stupid stuff) or Russian road misadventures.

Anonymous said...

Have you read Patrick Rothfuss, the name of the wind ?
I have a copy. Great writing in my humble op.
I can bring it by.
Deli guy

Blue Heron said...

Maybe in a couple days, that would be great.

Martin said...

I'll spend time watching just about anything (whenever I'm not outside doing spring clean-up in the yard), but I'd guess my now-and-then fav is the foibles of apparently-mostly-drunk Russian drivers - although endless left-turn T-bones get redundant after awhile.

Blue Heron said...

Looks like I am really missing out on this russian driver thing. will look into it.

Anonymous said...

I have 4 superb documentaries, Unorthodox based on truth, Taken at Birth, Lorena, and Wild Country. I got these from a list published in the NYT like 5 weeks ago. Since I am a huge SF Giants, Warriors and SF Forty Niner fan having had season tickets to all three my whole life I am watching all the championships woohoo! I also read all the news websites endlessly. From 8 am till 3 pm week days I help my daughter Harper with her extremely hard home work. I walk the dogs everyday in my beautiful neighborhood and look at the gardens and landscaping for my own knowledge and ideas for my gardens. I really admire your home situation outdoors so intertwined with nature and your love of birds and photography. Stay well we will survive!.

Scrota Voce said...

Decided to 'Goodwill' a rack of paintings in the garage, been sitting there for at least 15 years. Decided 26(!) of them were too good for charity so back in the house. One of them was by a Japanese painter, Masaaki Yamada, who went on to create Frank Stella type stripe paintings, and books to $170,000. But this was done in 1948, the year he started painting.

Next, a very difficult signature turned out to be by Lester Boronda, grew up on a cattle ranch in Salinas, went to Paris, where this was painted. Smaller painting sold at Rago last year for $1875.

Finally, watercolor portrait by a certain Dorothy Coulter, died in 1980, stunned to find out she is represented in the Met, Princeton Museum, Yale Museum and the Rhode Island School of Design! Born in New Mexico, taught at UNM. No auction records, so sent all the info to AskArt, and she now has her own page, just in time for her listing on eBay, from me.