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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Strange saga recounted

In the early days of the blog, there was more of a collective effort from my fellow writers. I had read George R.R. Martin's Wild Card series and was intrigued with the concept of mosaic novels where different authors take an alternating turn at a page or chapter. A couple readers were interested. We did a few of these projects. It was fun, the results were mixed. Wish we still did this sort of thing.

I was looking at my hit counter and saw that someone had landed on this one, The Strange Saga of George Blake. June 11, 2009. Hadn't looked at it in ten years. The writers on this effort were Kerry Johnson, Carrie Repking, Kit Bacon Gressitt and yours truly. Later Lisa joined us on some things.

I am sorry we let this one drop. It was not bad. Here are the other chapters. I do not know why I killed it so abruptly but something must have gotten under my craw. Maybe it ran out of steam. Chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Perhaps it was me?

Chapter II.

Chapter III.

Chapter IV.

Chapter V.

Chapter VI.

Chapter VII.

Chapter VIII.

Mosaic collaborations are an interesting beast. When I was a kid in 1966, the family traveled to Hemisphere in San Antonio, a World's Fair. There was an exhibit there called Kenner's Automat, a movie theater with switches on the seats. A movie would start and at intervals a man in a top hat would come out stop the movie and ask the audience what they wanted to happen; do we kill this character off or do we let him live? You then voted from your seat. They had this tertiary chain of possible scenarios worked out and we collectively created an entire movie. Always was intrigued by that experience.

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I'd forgotten about this. Can we do a rewrite of the Covid-19 pandemic? With only bloated, orange politicians getting sick? Miss you all.