Tuesday, April 7, 2020

John Prine

Cobb or Ruth? How do you say that one of these baseball greats was better than the other? Statistically both so dominant in different ways. And so while I hasten to call John Prine our greatest living songwriter, since the guy from Hibbing certainly has an equally if not more impressive stat line, let us just say it is a very small group we are talking about here. Definite hall of famer. His audience may have been a bit more mature and sophisticated than Bob's, he was less inclined to grand posturing and preaching. Perhaps more stark and bitter than Bob too but also had an easy sense of humor. Humble. Intelligent songs about real and regular people, he could flesh out a sadsack, heartland character better than anyone. Could not have seen him rhyming "employed" and "Delacroix" for the sake of meter and intonation on his worst day. He was extremely honest. Lacked pretension. And his music spoke to me. This one hurts a lot.


Anonymous said...

Souvenirs is the one that does it for me in this sad time. Memories can’t be boughten. Amen to that. Would it be that collectively as a society we were more closely aligned with John’s gentle, compassionate view of the human condition, with its sadness, humor and beauty. I could go on for hours about the many times I saw him in venues large and small. The people I attended these shows with. The milestones of my life that passed with each show. And yes, the souvenirs I retain. But this is not the time. His death is another reminder of all we are losing.

Liz said...

Speed of the sound of loneliness has been playing a lot here for the last few weeks

Wicki Van De Veer said...

"Hello In There"....let him continue to inform us of our, and others', humanity.